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Food Truck Invasion is popping up everywhere and your town could be next. Keep your eyes peeled.

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08.26.14   Labor Day Weekend at Casino Miami Jai-alai
Sunday & Monday
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08.25.14   We have a YouTube channel.
Did you know Food Truck Invasion has a YouTube channel? Well go check it out. Here is our latest video.

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08.17.14   The 2014-2015 School Year Begins
Here's looking forward to a new school year.  Food Truck Invasion would like to wish all the students, parents and teachers a safe and enriching school year. Remember that you can always come do your homework at our events.  There are plenty of areas to camp out and have your study groups come out too.   Now, on Tuesday night, August 19th, we have our PTSA (or PTA, PTO and any combination thereof) contest begin. You can sign up here:  PTSA Sign Up Every week a chance for one school to win $100 for their PTSA. The PTSA Contest takes place at Plantation Heritage Park on Tuesdays for Family Night with the Food Trucks.   We hope to see you at our events. Read Full Post

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